My Beginnings

Originally from north central Ohio and a graduate from The Ohio State University. I began my programming career working as a freelance Flash/PHP developer my juinor year of college. My two clients were my university's honor department and the Ohio State Senate. After graduation I moved to NYC and joined the development team at ForSaleByOwner.com which was acquired by media conglomerate Tribune. During my time at Tribune I led several initiatives integrating real estate listings into national newspapers and maintaining the site's front-end technology. Eventually wanting a change from real estate and being in NYC I joined 360i to learn how digital agency operate. My time at 360i was focused working with a handful of clients (Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Marvel) using an array of technologies from .NET, PHP, and Java.

In March 2010 I joined venture-funded financial startup YCharts building the financial terminal for the web. As the first engineer I worked closely with the CTO to bring YCharts out of its infancy, building several financial tools and charting system. During my time at YCharts we raised three rounds of funding totaling close to $20 million.

By fall of 2013 I had accepted an offer from BazaarVoice in NYC to grow their R&D Media team.

Technologies I'm focused on now

The technologies I'm working with change often and being a full-stack developer I typically have several technology pieces that are my goto.

At this moment my primary technologies are python/django, javascript/nodejs/angularjs, and various nosql databases having just completed the m101 and m102 mongodb certifications. I've also been using Scala at my new position at BazaarVoice.

How did you get into technology?

I was always interested with technology, even at an early age my brother and I dissassembled our Packard Bell Pentium 90 on my mother's dining room table. In high school I began working at a local radio/tv station as part of a weekend skeleton crew that kept the station running. Being an unsupervised teenager in a broadcast station I had the opportunity to experiment (within reason) with the various automation and production tools. Most importantly by time I left the station for college I had a background in video production and mastery of photoshop.

What is this site built on?

This website is built using django a wonderful python web-framework. For the blog platform I integrated tumblr along with twitter and my pinboard.in account. All of the code libraries that were used to power this site exist as open-source projects I've created or contributed on github.