Glaxal is a next generation browser based financial strategy game featuring dynamic story-telling and innovative multi-player systems.

Originally conceived for SXSW's 2009 Screenburn Competition, where it was received as a semi-finalist, game development didn't begin in earnest till the beginning of 2013. However, during this lengthy period Glaxal has been iterated several times on paper to improve it's mechanics drawing on my background in finance and economics. Development is currently active and in the early stages of technology infrastructure and core systems.

List of Features

  • Rich Narrative StoryElements, that provide a robust economic model
  • Various play modes, a standard Single Player and different types of Multi-Player
  • Unique Player Customization for their own storylines


Glaxal is being built using HTML5 and Javascript, which means it will work inside a web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. I believe heavily that these are the technologies that are the future for gaming. Currently all art assets are 2D, but as webGL grows in support look to see a possbile 3D version.